What’s a ThingLink?! I want one!!

ThingLink is my new BFF! Seriously! I have been sharing up a storm here at work about it! I love how easy it is to create such visual multimedia learning experiences! So many ideas pop into my mind when I think about all the different ways this tool can be integrated to enhance a topic.

Right now my students are having a tough time identifying the commutative, associative, and distributive properties. So I decided it was time for them to make their own examples! Where shall I put these fabulous examples, you ask? Well, on a THINGLINK OF COURSE!
I created the background image in Google Draw and downloaded it as a PNG file.
Properties Examples
I created the ThingLink on my laptop by uploading the image. Then, I downloaded the ThingLink app onto my iPad (O.M.G..it’s pretty darn cool..got it on my iPhone as well! Can’t wait to roam campus looking for MATH!) and it was time for the kids to tag away! I had each student come up and “tag” each box with their example of each of the properties. It also gave me some one on one time with them as they came to my table to add their example to the iPad and I was able to coach them through the process. I borrowed these super cute stools from our school’s Instructional Tech Specialist (and my good friend) so the kids can sit around the table with me and chat properties. I may forget to return these to her…haha jk! (or am I?)
Here’s the THINGLINK LINK (how many times can I say LINK in one blog post?)
When it’s done I will post the ThingLink collaboration on my Google Site for sharing with each other, parents, and as a review for an upcoming test 🙂
This was basically teacher controlled use of tech but I think they liked it and it encouraged them to think because “they didn’t want to use the same example as everyone else!” haha! It also gave me some hands-on with ThingLink and now I feel comfortable enough to get the kids creating their own ThingLink! The next chapter’s Digital Notes will involve some ThingLink creation and some work with PicStitch! Can’t wait to share these ideas on LOL with Technology!!

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